A Quantum Adventure


you open the door, 

just to find... 

a half-dead cat?!


Dive into an adventure to the crazy quantum world!


Always on your side:

Anna, the great-granddaughter of world-famous physicist and Nobel Prize honoree Erwin Schrödinger. Only with smart puzzle skills and clever outside-of-the-box thinking, you can help Kitty Q escape.


Discover the unbelievable 

         quantum world!

Inside the box, everything follows its own rules. Because every puzzle refers to observations, experiments or phenomenons from Schrödinger’s special topic: quantum physics.


Do you want to know,

  • why some tiny particles behave absolutely contradictory at times?
  • which letter will make your math teacher sweat?
  • how you look on a selfie with a self styled, half dead cat?


In Kitty Q, you will discover more than 20 scientific facts about the fascinating quantum world. Don’t worry though—It will never get boring, promise!

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